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Mark Hoppus photobombing Alex Gaskarth at the APMAS

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Don't feel bad homie, I understand that that shit feels uncomfortable -hugs-

It sucks.

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I see where you're coming from with 5sos. I mean I've never liked them as a band or people but I've seen them around because I'm into atl and shit but they've been acting like they're trying to hard to be in the pop punk scene. I'm probably going to get hate for saying that though. I feel like they think the need to tell everybody this so they think they're cool but that's not what punk is.

I’ve been a fan of 5sos from the very beginning of them, like I’ve been here before their drummer, ashton. I’ve been a fan of all time low longer though.

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 Don’t mess with the Gaskarth.

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15 days of my favourite things → favourite album

Memories, they came and went in light of all the time we spent. Listening to everything our parents told us not to take in.

just do whatever make you feel the best ok? if it's triggering to hear about them having sex, and drinking then it's probably a good idea to just enjoy the music and not the fandom, because as that other anon said they're just living their life and that's ok.. srsly man triggers can be the weirdest things like i can't listen to John Mayer music because it's triggers thoughts from my first major derpression and it rly fuckin sucks, since it's almost impossible to stay away from that crap nowadays

I’m gonna have to.

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Wait what happened with 5sos?

Nothing really. It’s just that I’m seeing a lot more drinking pictures of the boys a lot more often and hearing about how they’re doing stuff with fans.

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Why does is affect you? They're young so obviously they're gonna live that way an it's their life, yours shouldn't have to depend on them!

I don’t know, maybe because I’ve been raped numerous times and also beat by a drunken boy numerous times, so maybe, just maybe, alcohol and sex make me uncomfortable. Don’t tell me what should and shouldn’t affect me because I can’t control what affects me and I sure as hell won’t listen to your shit.

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Rian’s 7 of 30